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With over 30 years in the dental lab business, SmartLab offers dental practices across the country an extremely qualified resource/partner for all of their restoratives. SmartLab's two founders have over 60 years of combined experience in developing & leading successful businesses. The production staff of SmartLab has over 200 combined years of dental lab experience. This combination enables you to focus on your practice while relying on us to consistently manage your outsourced cases.

Systems & consistency

We've developed a systematic approach for all aspects of our operation. From the initial contact with a new dental practice client, to a standardized manufacturing process, we focus on consistency, case after case.

Your bottom line

SmartLab delivers the best combination of lower-cost, consistent high quality & on-time products. We help you develop & retain satisfied, loyal patients while also delivering products & services that enhance your bottom line profitability.

SmartLab : truly a partner of your practice

Earning the loyalty of patients is essential for the success of any dental practice; and it's equally important for dental laboratories to establish credibility & consistent quality when providing products & services to dental professionals. We are partners & are in this together. We're in constant contact with our clients because we acknowledge the trust you place on your dental lab to partner with you to deliver consistently successful outcomes to your patients.

SmartLab promises you: